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Registering As A Captain:

In Our New System You Have 2 Options For How You Register As A Team Captain: 

  1. Register A Team In Full | Captain Pays Full Fee | Team Locked

    This is when you know you have a full team ready to go. This option gives you full control of your team, immediately secures your spot in the league and locks your team so DSL does not add FREE AGENTS to your team without you requesting them. ALL PLAYERS MUST STILL REGISTER ONLINE BEFORE THE DEADLINE to avoid late fees. The players will not be charged to register, however for roster, T-Shirt and waiver purposes all players must be registered online before playing any games.

    CAPTAIN'S TIP: In today's world it is easy to collect money from friends and teammates with the simple swipe of the finger. Using apps such as Venmo and a little planning ahead, Captains can easily collect the dough they need to pay the Team Fee up  front, lock the team in and be done with it when registration opens. #BringOnTheSeason! 

  2. Register a TEAM as a Small Group |  Players Pay Individually | Team Open

    This is option is for:
  • Captains who do not wish to pay for the team in full up front. 
  • Those who are worried they are just a wee bit shy of the players needed to form a full team but want to register together.

    In this case, the Captain will create the Team as a "Small Group" and each individual player will register for the Team (Small Group) and pay DSL directly. No chasing people down.

    This option sends a very simple message from the captain:

    "We are going to play.  If you want to play, go ahead and register for our group before the deadline. Otherwise we are going to have players added (if they are available) and play without you. Either way, we are playing! Moral of the story...Don't Wait!"  #FOMO

    Please Note: 
    This option does NOT lock your team. Any team that has not met the Minimum Roster requirements prior to the Registration Deadline may have Free Agents added to the team at any time. Up to the maximum roster limit for your league.

    This means teams that are under the minimum roster requirement who have players who have verbally committed to your team but have not registered with us online  may lose their spot. It is recommended all players register as soon as possible to avoid late fees...or worse... missing out. Out of respect for our Free Agents, once they have been added to a team we will not move them off to make room for one of "your players who have not registered yet". Your player may lose their spot or have to pay a late fee if the team reaches the maximum roster limit before they register. 

    Captains of Player Pay Teams will not immediately be able to see who has registered for their team, however that information is available upon request at info@delawareleagues.com.

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