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Tiebreakers/OT Rules

If a game finishes in a tie, standard DSL Overtime Rules apply. Regular season games can finish in a tie after overtime is completed (time permitting). All playoff games must have a winner.

In the event of a Tie-Breaker in the Standings:

  1.  Overall Standings Points (as notated in the +/- column of the Standings)
  2.  Head to Head match-ups (only when all tied teams have played one another) 
  3.  Win Percentage
  4.  Point Differential per week (teams receive the max point differential for forfeit wins)  
  5.  Offensive Scoring
  6.  Registration Date

*The following point differential cap limits are used per game:

Basketball = 15

Softball/Kickball = 10

Flag Football = 30

Outdoor Soccer = 5

Indoor Soccer = 7

Floor Hockey = 7

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